Hi, my name is

Bhimpratap Singh.

I am a Software Engineer.

I develop applications for web, windows desktop, mobile and plugins for Microsoft Office, etc

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About Me
  • I'm a passionate software engineer, specialized in full stack development using cutting-edge technologies.
  • Building applications and services for web, desktop(windows) and mobile is fascinating to me.
  • Strong in object oriented programming, use of design patterns, creating reusable and robust code.
  • Exploring Technologies, learning new skills enhances my knowledge toolbox and simultaneously making me more productive and efficient.
  • Primary Skills: Leadership, Problem Solving, Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, WEB API, WCF, LINQ, Dapper, LINQ To SQL, Windows Form Application, AddinExpress(Microsoft Office Plugins), VB.NET, Windows Service, VBA(Macros), Entity Framework, Vue JS, React JS, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Python
  • Database: MS SQL Server, Mongo DB, Qdrant (Vector database)
  • Exploring Technologies: Flutter, Dart, React Native
  • Collaborated closely with the Chief Architect to lead a team in developing GenAI-based Contract Lifecycle Management features. These innovations streamlined the contract negotiation process by extracting key obligations and providing in-depth contract analysis using LLMs, based on precedent contracts or custom models with curated legal rules. Additionally, we integrated a multilingual chatbot for querying contract documents, combining vector search capabilities with the power of LLMs.
  • As an R&D Engineer, I was responsible for the research and development efforts pertaining to the WOPI (Web Application Open Platform Interface) protocol, with the primary objective of integrating Microsoft Word into our Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform. This role involved the design, implementation, and optimization of online document editing, viewing and real-time collaboration features within the CLM system.
  • Built a workflow system for managing the report publishing pipeline of an asset management firm, which reduces the chances of human error and gives smooth experience.
  • Worked across the software development life cycle to gather user requirements and provided an automated solutions to save 2 hours of manual work at each instance.
  • Microsoft Technology Associate: .NET Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Technology Associate: Software Development Fundamentals